The Birthing Tree is a cooperative of Nurse-Midwives, Doulas, Acupuncturists, Massage Therapists, Ayurvedic Practitioners and Parent Educators working in collaboration to provide compassionate, high quality services from conception, through pregnancy and into parenting.

We are guided by the philosophy that the healthy growth and development of a child and a parent begins well before conception! Our services are designed to support families not just on a physical level but also on the emotional and spiritual aspects of this journey.

Pregnancy, birth and parenthood are one of the most exciting and transformational times of our lives. The challenges of integrating a new baby into your family may raise many questions and concerns. The Birthing Tree offers classes and private consultation services to help you through these precious and vulnerable weeks and months of postpartum adjustment. Our goal is to assist you in acquiring skills needed to care for your infant and in finding balance in your life as a parent.

The community is lead by Shabd Simran Adeniji (BA, BM, MPH) and Martha Yazdani Declerck.

Shabd SImran Adeniji
Shabd Simran Adeniji BA, BM, MPH (Co-Owner)
Nurse-Midwife, Childbirth Educator, Early Childhood Parent Educator, Pregnancy/Postpartum Consultant

Shabd-Simran trained as a nurse-midwife in New Zealand where she lived for 9 years before moving to Santa Fe in 2009. She has supported hundreds of families in both home and hospital births in her midwifery practice in New Zealand. She also holds a Masters degree in Public Health and has worked in early childhood education for the last few years. Shabd Simran loves supporting families through childbirth education,postpartum support and parenting consultations once baby arrives. She uses a common-sense approach to pregnancy and parenting and she loves empowering parents to make individual choices that fit their needs for the childbirth process and beyond. Her goal is to provide balanced information for parents by using her clinical background combined with the real-life expectations of this extraordinary process.





Martha Yazdani Declerck
Martha Yazdani Declerck (Co-Owner)

Raised in Central Africa and immersed in the traditions of her Persian parents, Martha has had an interest in family dynamics and community building since childhood. A mother of two and an entrepreneur in our community, Martha is very excited to combine these two facets of her life into the efforts and services representing The Birthing Tree.






Meria Loeks
Meria Loeks (Doula Mentor) Retired Midwife & Psychotherapist

Meria has been involved in the birthing community for over 35 years as a midwife (now retired) and now practices as a psychotherapist. Early in her life she lived in the Netherlands, where she was impressed by the fact that over 40% of women seek prenatal care with midwives and birth at home. She went on to give birth to her own three sons at home. She is a therapist, midwife, writer, editor and childbirth/parenting educator. She developed a curriculum for a birth class to be taught in Women’s Studies- tracing the history of birth in the USA, viewing birth anthropologically, critiquing birth from a feminist perspective and looking at maternal child issues. In her private psychotherapy practice she uses sandtray, dreamwork and analytic talk therapy.