Increasing Family Wellbeing: Mindfulness practices for Parenting and/or Partnering

Parenting Class
In this class parents are invited to focus on an area of their life where they would like to increase their sense wellbeing. In the five weeks we come together, Elizabeth will teach Mindfulness practices which can be used in the midst of family life. Mindfulness practices hone the inner resources needed to move into greater wellbeing.
We will also take time to listen deeply to ourselves and each other, countering feelings of shame and isolation. Focusing loving acceptance on the challenge each has been given will ease personal discomfort and awaken the warrior spirit capable of transforming suffering.

All of us encounter events which challenge our best intention to show up for ourselves and loved ones. Some common experiences which intrude on our our ability to be present are:

• Navigating a transitional moment which effects everyone in the family
• Carrying unspoken needs and concerns while hoping it will all just work out 
• Suffering under resentment, harboring desire for retribution 
• Feeling anxious about the future
• Feeling hurt, shamed or demoralized
• Experience of loss
• Being in overwhelm and burn out

Mindfulness practices and group support can move you (and your family) into a greater sense of wellbeing.

Parenting Class Elizabeth Christine is the parent to four grown children and has experienced both the joy and suffering which unfold through partnership and parenting. Her life’s work is developing and sharing skills which transform painful experience into resource for life. Throughout her twenties, Elizabeth was active in Re-evaluation Counseling, practicing peer counseling and teaching these skills to parents. In 2003, she met Pam England and began teaching Birthing From Within classes as well as practicing as a doula. She completed a four year Teacher Training program with CoreLight followed by several years of advanced work in meditation and emotional reflection, for both personal and collective growth. She now studies and practices the art of Mindfulness through the teachings of Thich Nhat Hahn, Jon Kabat-Zinn and Judith Blackstone. Elizabeth works with parents to develop and maintain a sense of goodness in the midst of challenge.

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