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Families can meet our wonderful doulas, ask questions and learn more about how Doulas can make a difference in pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period! All are welcome at any stage of their pregnancy and partners are encouraged to come along as well.

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Saturday, December 9th , 10:30am
Saturday, January 27th , 10:30am
Saturday, February 24th, 10:30am
Saturday, March 31st, 10:30am
Saturday, April 28th, 10:30am
Saturday, May 19th, 10:30am

Please RSVP by email or call us 505-552-2454.
The events are held in our space:
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Certified Doulas


Shannon Sims Berg
Shannon Sims Berg (Certified Doula) Shannon Sims Berg has been a doula since 2003. She did her training through Childbirth Enhancement Foundation. Prior to her doula training- she was a mentor Mom for Catholic Charities for a 16 year mom for 2 years. She brings a nurturing & calm presence to the birth environment through her use of essential oils & understanding of the many stages of labor, birth & postpartum. Her intention is to support the birth team through movement, touch & knowledge by assisting them in their decisions throughout labor. She is passionate about mothering mothers & providing a beautiful space for babies to arrive into & feels blessed to be invited to be part of such a momentous & intimate event. She has an awesome 25 year old son who lives in Portland Oregon. She watches a few little people she has met over the years through her doula work- among a few other part time jobs.

Experienced Doula Rate:$750-$850
Contact Shannon at or 505-988-9668.




Ashlee Gansenberg Ashlee Gansenberg (Certified Doula), Ashlee grew up around pregnancy, childbirth, and babies and spent her childhood watching and learning from her aunt, who is a homebirth midwife in New England. Ashlee has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2006 and specializes in prenatal and postpartum massage as well as Ayurvedic bodywork. Ashlee is a trained doula through DONA (2007) and CAPPA (2014) and has additional training including childbirth education through Birthing From Within, mentorship through The Birthing Tree, as well as hands-on experience with her midwife aunt. In addition to pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience, she brings her expertise of massage, yoga, nutrition, and natural health to her Doula practice. She is trained in other modalities such as herbs and acupressure specific to pregnancy and labor and is certified in infant CPR and prenatal massage therapy. Ashlee is passionate about accompanying women on the journey through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, and feels especially alive and invigorated when she is able to incorporate her love of women’s health, nutrition, massage, and yoga.

Experienced Doula Rate: $750-$850
Contact Ashlee at or 415-948-1256


Shawn Bransford
Shawn Bransford (Certified Doula), Shawn Bransford has been a practicing doula for over 35 years, offering doula support at home births, hospital births and birthing center births. She has been honored and privileged to accompany many families as they embarked on the adventure of birth and parenthood. She has 4 grown children and 11 grandchildren and credits her love of all aspects of family life as the reason she loves doula work. She is certified by DONA and has also loved training with Pam England of Birthing From Within. One of her favorite parts of being a doula is working with couples to help lessen the anxiety that often surrounds their upcoming birth and giving them tools to help reduce fears and increase their sense of confidence in birthing their baby. She believes that what happens in your head is as important as what is happening in your body as you labor and deliver your baby. Shawn enjoyed being raised in many different countries but has been happy to call Santa Fe her home for the past 45 years. She enjoys learning about nutrition, child development, and everything related to growing healthy family relationships!

Experienced Doula Rate: $750-$850
Contact Shawn at or 505-690-9550.



Norma Navarro
Norma Navarro (Certified Doula),My path as a doula began over seventeen years ago when I intuitively and attentively cared for my sister during her pregnancy, labor and birth. After supporting a number of close friends through their labor and the birth of their children, I learned about doula training and the possibility of holding that space for other women. Being with women and families during this precious time is an honor and brings beauty to my life. I received Full Circle Doula Certification through International Center for Childbearing, as well a Community Lactation Educator Certification through CAPPA (Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association). It was a blessing to participate in Holding Space for Pregnancy Loss Seminar with Amy Glenn Wright and The Institute of the Study of Birth, Breathe, and Death. Through the Tewa Women United’s Yiya Vi Kagingdi Community Doula Program, I have served the families of the Española Valley and Santa Fe at homebirths, and hospital births for over six years. Hablo español y disfruto trabajando con familias de América Latina. My other professional work includes practicing acupuncture, specializing in prenatal and postpartum care. I began my practice of Tai Qi Chuan, Qi Gong, and Vipassana/Insight mediation in 2002, which I enjoy sharing with woman as the ready themselves for labor and parenthood. In addition to these modalities, I bring gentleness, empathy, and acceptance, to support mothers and families bringing a new life to the world. Lastly, I am a mother, gardener, weaver, and musician who loves getting dirty from play.

Experienced Doula Rate: $750-$850
Contact Norma: 505-429-4960 or



Newly Certified Doulas

Steph McCreary (Newly Certified Doula) Steph’s path as a doula began in 2015, and has included many hours of mentorship under the Yiya Vi Kagingdi Doula Project in Espanola, NM. She is certified through ICTC. Steph’s passion for birth and her deep study of yoga have led her to combine breath work, massage & conscious presence with her knowledge of pregnancy, birth & postpartum support. She holds each birth to be sacred & unique, and enjoys personalizing your family’s care! Steph has additionally trained in Conscious Pregnancy yoga instruction, full spectrum doula care, and placenta encapsulation. Ask her about a discounted rate for doula services + placenta preparation!

Newly Certified Doula Rate: $500
Contact Steph at or 720-229-2522






Sheaffer Palermo
Sheaffer Palermo (Newly Certified Doula) Birth and babies have fascinated me since I was a very young girl, ‘nursing’ my baby dolls and making baby food in the kitchen! I am a certified Montessori Teacher in the primary classroom where I enjoyed working for many years before deciding to stay home to raise our four children! I am currently working through Birth and Postpartum Doula courses with Birth Arts International. My interest in doula work came out of my own birth experiences, and in discovering the essential support that is needed on this sacred journey. I yearn to assist in empowering mothers and families in their birth choices, and will bring love and compassion to my work. I am thankful for the opportunity that the Mentorship Program with The Birthing Tree will add to my overall understanding of this precious time in life. I am a rustic home cook with extensive knowledge of delicious vegan and vegetarian options, and am constantly seeking knowledge in herbal medicines. I have a passion for spending time in nature with my family and our dogs, growing a garden, travel, and yoga!

Mentored Doula Rate: $500
Contact Sheaffer~ or 505.699.7222



Mentored Doulas

Ashlee Gansenberg
Summer Steele (Mentee Doula) Summer believes deeply in the ancient Greek meaning of the word doula: woman’s servant. She is passionate about serving pregnant people to empower themselves in this incredible time in their lives. Summer brings personalized care to each birthing persons needs and holds a warm, compassionate, and grounded space for families. She is aware of the many different ways that bringing a child into this world can look, and strives to hold an inclusive space for all forms of families. She feels honored and grateful to be present and of service for this special and sacred time! Summer is present to your excitements as well as your concerns, and provides a variety of tools and information to create confidence in your decisions. She is currently completing her Doula Certification through CAPPA. Summer is also an avid traveler and speaks conversational Spanish. She has a professional cooking background and an extensive knowledge of prenatal and postpartum nourishment. She also loves to be outside, is a passionate writer and artist, and is trying to strengthen her green thumb!

Mentored Doula Rate: $300
Contact Summer at or 307.438.1322



Rachel Joyce
Rachel Joyce (Mentee Doula)Rachel is passionate about birth, New Mexico, communication, and community. A native Santa Fean and mama to three beautiful kids, Rachel found her passion for supporting women through childbirth in London, where she was supported through her own experiences of childbirth by a network of exceptional British nurse midwives. A CNA and student RN, Rachel is working towards becoming a nurse midwife and birth policy advocate, with the goal of advocating for greater integration between the worlds of natural and medical childbirth. Rachel believes that all women deserve to labor in an environment where great communication, advocacy, support, empowerment and collaboration are facilitated. A former staff journalist at The Economist, Rachel is the author of two bilingual children’s books and speaks basic Spanish. She loves dancing and is working on her black belt in Taekwondo.
Mentored Doula Rate: $300
Contact Rachel~





Choose the Right Doula Package for You!

For those seeking Doula services with an experienced doula, The Birthing Tree offers 3 packages. The packages only vary in the number of prenatal and postnatal doula visits. In all packages, doula visits may be used during pregnancy or spread out through pregnancy and the postpartum period, depending on your family needs. The first option is only available for repeat parents. For first time parents we offer packages 2 & 3 which both offer additional doula support visits to help prepare parents for birth and support recovery after birth.

Package 1: Experienced Doula Services with 3 visit & Birth (repeat parents only) $750 + Tax= $812.2
Package 2: Experienced Doula Services with 4 Visits & Birth $800 + Tax =$866.40
Package 3: Experienced Doula Services with 5 visits & Birth $850 + Tax = $920.55

For those seeking doula services with Newly Certified or Mentee doulas, all clients will receive 2 prenatal visits & 2 postpartum visits. The 4 visits can be used flexibly, if families would prefer more support during pregnancy or after baby arrives visits may be adjusted).

Prices excluding Gross Receipts Tax (8.3%) which is added on during the check out process

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Create a Payment Plan for Your Doula Services
The Birthing Tree offers a payment plan option for birth Doula services. We require a $250 upfront deposit when you book your doula, and complete payment by 37 weeks. You are welcome to break the payments up to meet your needs, as long as full payment is made by 37 weeks.

The initial deposit can be made via mail, or online through the drop down payment link above. To do this, select ‘Make a Deposit for Your Doula Services’ in the drop down menu. Please be sure to specify the Doula you are working with in the ‘notes’ section of the payment. The remaining payments may be made through Paypal by sending it to, or by mail to:

The Birthing Tree
1315 St. Francis Dr
Santa Fe, NM. 87505

Please contact us directly if you need further assistance or 505.552.2454


Additional Prenatal & Postnatal Visits may be purchased at $25/hr, additional visits are 2 hours in length.

Additional Doula Visits
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Please contact us directly or speak with your Doula about coordinating alternative arrangements or 505.552.2454

Photo Credit to Katie Meade who captured most of our Doula’s head shots